A registered valuer is a person who has been approved to work as an independent contractor for attorneys, financial planners, and other licensed professionals. In short, a registered valuer Virtual Auditor is someone who has been approved to act as a legal document coordinator between an estate and other individuals or entities. To become an authorized vendor of legal documents in California, an individual has to undergo three different processes. All of these processes are mandatory to anyone trying to become an authorized vendor of legal documents in California.

The first process begins with acquiring a California Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Permit. All businesses in California that handle patient records must apply for this particular document. This permits them to legally transfer medical records from one person to another, as well as work with patient information in creating a family tree or personal information directory. The health insurance companies themselves are not allowed to request for a portability license, but it is still important to be an authorized vendor for legal documentation needs. Once you have obtained your health insurance portability permit, you may then proceed to the second step in becoming a registered valuer.

The second step in the process requires that the applicant complete the state’s legal process for Estate Agents. Once all the paperwork has been completed, the applicant will be able to work with an assigned company to start the initial steps of becoming a registered agent. Once the assigned company starts working on the initial steps of hiring contract agents, they will be able to tell the company if they feel that you are the appropriate person to work as a contract agent. In most cases, a company will decline your request to become an estate agent, but if your resume and legal documents are impressive enough, you may be persuaded to continue the process.